NYC, Drama & Blonde Hair

02 / 12 / 15

I am totally aware that the 3 things listed in this blog post title are completely random and unrelated. I can however confirm that these are the most prominent words that come to mind when I think about my past week. Let’s start with NYC. The Big Apple. I still haven’t decided if I like New York to be honest. I never really get the chance to spend more than a day or two at a time in NYC so I haven’t gotten to fully experience the city. I did a 4 day long trip with my parents back in high school (grade 9, pre glo up aka full high school awkward stage) and ended up barfing all over Fifth Avenue because of heat stroke. Real good times. Anyways, NYC has always been intriguing to me, but I still haven’t conquered my fears of the Times Square masses and the feeling of being swallowed up in New York sidewalk traffic. I thought people walked fast in Toronto, you should see NYC people. So I spent literally 12 hours in the city to shoot a secret project (that will be released soon!!!) and then headed home.

Part 2 of the week consisted of some drama in my life that I won’t go into detail about, that actually started while having a head full of foils to lighten my hair. Nothing like having your phone blow up with drama filled texts while you have 10 pounds of kitchen accessories decorating your hair. I’m making it seem like my life exploded into a thousand drama-y pieces, but it really didn’t. All friend groups have arguments at times. We fought, typed furiously on our phones (my friends and family call my style of typing “T-Rex Typing” cause I hammer the keys), and then kiss and makeup. All good. In the hood. Sorry, I couldn’t resist adding that. So yeah! Survived some good ol’ drama, and if you noticed from the most recent few videos I decided to go a little blonder. I feel like this is the hair colour I’ve been aiming to achieve for the longest time but needed to ease myself into it with ombré. Unsure how the upkeep will be, but I’ll keep you posted. BRB while I go find out if blondes actually do have more fun. PS I put my Christmas tree up. It’s never too early.

Another Week in LA

23 / 11 / 15

So it’s no secret that I may have a slight obsession with the West Coast. Vancouver & anything West Coast California are always at the top of my “Favourite Places in the World” list. If the opportunity ever arises, 100% get your butt over there, you won’t regret it. After my (sadly) short time in San Francisco (see previous blog post for super cute SF shiba pics), I headed to LA for a week to spend some time with friends and get my much needed dose of West Coast sunshine. I think LA beaches are my happy place. Beaches in general always have me smiling, but LA beaches (Venice, Santa Monica – just to name a few) always give me those smiles that kinda hurt your face and don’t fade for minimum 2 hours after I’ve already left. There’s something about the salt water, fresh air, palm trees and perpetually amazing weather that draws me in and makes it almost impossible to leave. Seriously, LA natives, you have it so good.

I got to spend some time in Santa Monica, walking around on Third Street Promenade and doing the pier. I swear that rollercoaster is so sketchy but always a good time. If you ask nicely, the workers usually let you go around twice too (yes, this still excites me). I think even if I ever got the opportunity to relocate and live in the area I would still get excited like a tourist when I’m in the area. It’s touristy, but not like what I picture Vegas to be like. And if you’ve ever been to Clifton Hill in Niagara Falls, (which is my literal hell on earth) places like this make the word “touristy” seem like such a buzzkill. SM totally manages to be touristy but still trendy (and not to mention super instagrammable). Until next time California.

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24 Hours in San Francisco

06 / 11 / 15

San Fran, The Bay Area, Home of Pier 39 (AKA my dream tourist destination due to my unhealthy obsession with seals… don’t ask). Google reached out to me to see if I wanted to take part in a speaking opportunity for L’Oréal execs so they could learn more about YouTube and our personal brands. The best part? It would be in San Francisco. It’s been over 7 years since I’ve been in The Bay Area and I was SO excited to return. My last visit here was with my parental unit, whom I love to death, which consisted of seeing the usual touristy spots (don’t get me wrong – I had a blast), but I was excited to meet up with a few locals to check out their favourite hidden gems.

You guys are probably familiar with Weylie from the channel ilikeweylie (if not, this is next on your Internet-surfing to do list once you’re finished here), and having been Internet friends for over a year but living on different sides of the continent, we don’t chill much. UNTIL THE OTHER DAY! Her and her boyfriend Wah took me to some amazing places that I never would have stumbled upon on my own, or even with the help of Yelp. We started in Japantown for lunch, saw the Golden Gate Bridge, walked down Lombard Street and then hit up this amazing neighbourhood for liquid nitrogen icecream, macarons and shoe shopping. Oh, forgot to mention… Weylie and Wah have a shiba. Shibas are my favourite. I have no chill around shibas. All chill was lost. BEST DAY EVER.

So a huge thank you to Weylie and Wah for playing tour guide for me on Monday, I had such a great time seeing the city from your view and also snuggling your dog.

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