A Fresh Start

31 / 10 / 15

Hi bebs! I’m not sure how many of you guys visit my site, maybe regularly or even just to check in once in a while to see what’s happening over here in the blog world.

And I’m sure you can tell… not a whole lot of action goin’ on on laurDIY.com! But that’s about to change. I’ve always loved blogging but YouTube has been my main focus for the past 3 and a half years that I’ve been a part of it. I realized though that blogging is a totally different platform, I used to think that I would just use my blog to repost my videos that went live on YouTube, but I realized that I would so much rather blog about things that I think would be enhanced if it were to be accompanied by text! Besides verbally speaking to you guys in the video intros and outros and writing aggressively long Instagram captions, I really don’t get the chance to put text out into the word. So here we go. Here are some photos of my past week to get this post started (and make it prettier). Excited to see how laurDIY.com grows!

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