Another Week in LA

23 / 11 / 15

So it’s no secret that I may have a slight obsession with the West Coast. Vancouver & anything West Coast California are always at the top of my “Favourite Places in the World” list. If the opportunity ever arises, 100% get your butt over there, you won’t regret it. After my (sadly) short time in San Francisco (see previous blog post for super cute SF shiba pics), I headed to LA for a week to spend some time with friends and get my much needed dose of West Coast sunshine. I think LA beaches are my happy place. Beaches in general always have me smiling, but LA beaches (Venice, Santa Monica – just to name a few) always give me those smiles that kinda hurt your face and don’t fade for minimum 2 hours after I’ve already left. There’s something about the salt water, fresh air, palm trees and perpetually amazing weather that draws me in and makes it almost impossible to leave. Seriously, LA natives, you have it so good.

I got to spend some time in Santa Monica, walking around on Third Street Promenade and doing the pier. I swear that rollercoaster is so sketchy but always a good time. If you ask nicely, the workers usually let you go around twice too (yes, this still excites me). I think even if I ever got the opportunity to relocate and live in the area I would still get excited like a tourist when I’m in the area. It’s touristy, but not like what I picture Vegas to be like. And if you’ve ever been to Clifton Hill in Niagara Falls, (which is my literal hell on earth) places like this make the word “touristy” seem like such a buzzkill. SM totally manages to be touristy but still trendy (and not to mention super instagrammable). Until next time California.

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